1. We function as a club / society where charities share their experience, information and knowledge
  2. We provide platform to share network of contacts in our homeland to optimise our network & connections
  3. We can initiate a model project using our streams which are represented by charities and Subject Matter Experts. For example, taking responsibility to bring together a number of charities and volunteers to provide for one village which requires support in the following areas.
    • a) Food for children
    • b) Children's education, sports & culture
    • c) Clothing for children and adults
    • d) Micro financing Supporting CICO (Cooperative Institute of Charitable Organisations) with their activities
    • e) Medical (psychological / trauma) - engaging medical professionals willing to volunteer
    • f) Mentoring of children - by using 'coach the coach' concept

  4. We act as a reference for charities serving Sri Lankans in need
  5. We have a pool of volunteers which is made up of various professions, skills, experience and age groups
  6. We support young entrepreneurship by involving successful young / old British Tamils as mentors / guides
  7. We gather information of individual / community requirements locally in Sri Lanka where there is a dire need in order to avoid duplication of efforts going into supporting the same person or group of individuals
  8. We provide expertise opinion to identify the right priorities to avoid waste of efforts and funds to maximise potential benefits
  9. By providing an effective framework, we can optimise the costs related to the supervision of projects back home
  10. ) We avoid pouring money to individuals / families so that they can truly start rebuilding their lives with responsibilities, confidence, hope & self respect.
  11. We organise events to raise profile of our needs back home to bring charities to work in collaboration with each other
  12. We promote and bring awareness amongst our British Tamils about our collaboration as a perfect model to support and unite which is contrary to what we have seen previously in our communities
  13. We organise fund raising event or other collaborative event to result in all participating charities having more visibility and raising their profiles. Charities put up their stand at the events to achieve this visibility And any other collaborative work to provide support to our relatives / friends back home.