Current Projects and Activities

Capacity building workshops for communities as follows

  • Kalmadu Nagar project sustainable livelihood programme
  • Roll-out career guidance programme for youth aged between 15 20 years
  • Schools Social Awareness Programmes covering principals, teachers, students & parents
  • Northern Province Health staff
  • Northern Province Sri Lanka Administrative Staff
  • Village empowerment programmes to raise awareness of gender based violence, alcohol / drug abuse and other anti-social behaviours

Past Projects and Activities

(A) Empower Women

    (1)Needs Assessment to be completed
  • Next steps - pending cost on new study or potential to use an existing basic study completed locally in 2014 to build on skills etc

  • (2)Training / Up-skilling / Empowering Women sessions
  • To be arranged once the Needs Assessment is complete, expected by end of year 2015
  • Already lined up HR resources for training
  • Training material & methodology to be prepared and location to be determined
  • This training will be complimentary to the training CICO is providing with Manchester Cooperative College in Sri Lanka in July.

(B) Pattu Kudiyiruppu - Clothing for children

  • 92 Children have been identified as not having change of uniforms and casual clothing in Pattu Kudiyiruppu in Vavuniya
  • Requested to obtain specific measurements for each child so that the uniforms can be made to measure locally, providing some form of employment for the locals. Contact to cost the project and let us know for us to fund it.
  • We will also have to fund the cost of school bags for these children (in total 92)
  • Additionally, the casual wears are being made by a team of volunteers in a sewing group and will be shipped in due course. NIL cost to Otthulaippu is anticipated for this casual clothing project except for the shipping cost.

(C) Creating Social Awareness Programme amongst school children in Sri Lanka

  • There is an immediate and urgent threat within our communities in the North and East in relation to our children being groomed and engaged in drug abuse, alcohol & other improper / immoral activities. There is a dire need for us to bring some awareness to our diaspora and to our schools in the North & the East.
  • Vembadi Old Girls Association UK (VOGA UK) has agreed to take the lead in setting the pilot
  • Other schools Alumnus will be approached in due course to engage with their respective school principal and seek their support for this awareness programme
  • We need to pull together a local task force made up of academics, health professionals & students to deliver awareness sessions and monitor progress in our schools. We are mindful that the NPC might already be involved in this matter and therefore, what we do should be complimentary to the NPC's work.

(D) Model Village

  • One of our friends and keen supporters of Otthulaippu (Sasitharan from Milton Keynes) is working on a miniature model, just so people can visualise it. This will be in time for Otthulaippu's event on 26th July at Kenneth More Theatre
  • This model village will comprise all innovative ideas / aspects that we have been discussing over the last year or so
  • A land which has been recently acquired by one of our member charities in North might be utilised for this model village

(E) Water Project

  • Oru Paanai will be launching an appeal to raise funds for this project, very soon.
  • The patrons believe that they will be installing 10 tube wells with electric water pumps and water storage tanks in Vanni. Project will need to raise 10,000 or Rupees 2 million

(F) Social Awareness & Economic Awareness sessions in UK / Europe

  • We will need to have these awareness sessions in Sep / Oct this year in UK / Europe.
  • The intention is for the diaspora to be fully aware of the consequences of just sending funds without proper needs assessment or analysis on long term benefit to our communities in Sri Lanka
  • Our communities in Sri Lanka are in a lot of debts and this continues to create a number of socio-economic issues which was never heard of previously.

  • Currently Otthulaippu is coordinating with a number of charities to work on the following projects

    1. Water project
    2. Alternative energy, waste recycling
    3. Model project
    4. Human Resource development and mental health development

    These streams have been identified to mitigate the water shortage issues in parts of Sri Lanka, work on innovative ideas for long term solution for energy supply, local employement opportunities and build confidence for individuals.

    The first workshop took place on 8th November 2014 to gather information and a few committees have been formed to take the individual projects forward on these topics. Any subject matter experts / engineers / enthusiasts should contact Otthulaippu if they would like to get involved with our projects.

  • Our communities in Sri Lanka are in a lot of debts and this continues to create a number of socio-economic issues which was never heard of previously.