Empowering Women workshops

  1. Altogether 190 women attended the workshops across all 5 districts
  2. We identified women through co-operative societies in each 5 districts and conducted the workshops locally in collaboration with the district TCCS unions
  3. Covered topics - attitude building, motivation, pre & post competency assessment, 4 competency areas - Confidence, Self Awareness, Emotional Balance & Leadership.
  4. Also covered, co-operatives – the benefits, achievements so far, how to enhance
  5. Role plays made each participant to get involved
  6. Emotional intelligence – highlighted the need for self sufficiency of emotional and economic balance through continuous development and training
  7. Positive feedback received and participants turned out to be extremely motivated and looking forward to the next phase of these workshops in June 2016

Creating Social Awareness Programme amongst school teachers and children

  1. The NPC Education Minister chose the below school to which we visited.
    • St James’ Boys School Kurunagar, Jaffna
    • Vavuniya Maha Vidyalayam
    • Pattikudiyiruppu Arasinar Thamil Kalavan Padasalai, Nedunkerny
    • Sidhi Vinayagar School, Mannar
    • Mullaitivu Maha Vidyalam
    • Kilinochchi Maha Vidyalayam
  2. Altogether, we have covered approx 850-900 students across all schools over 14 years of age mainly
  3. Due to an existing NPC directed teachers’ programme, there was no separate awareness sessions conducted for the teachers
  4. Due to the popularity of our workshops, we had a request for a short Teaching Practice workshop at Chundikuli Girls College which was conducted successfully.
  5. Students articulated a number of issues impacting their performance in their education
  6. We categorised those issues and now need to prioritise for them to be dealt with by various means

Other competency and capacity building programmes

  1. A motivational session was conducted at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital for approx 35 nurses
  2. Due to its effectiveness a full competency programme has been requested by the hospital for all staff groups including doctors
  3. A meeting took place with pre-school teachers from Smart Kids in Thirunelveli to prepare and execute a competency and class room control programme for approx 100 pre-school teachers


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